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we plant trees with every order

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284+ thousand
trees by 2030
1.87+ ton
more oxygen
700+ acres

Your Support Keeps Us Going

Creating a plant-based revolution, one sapling at a time

You save our planet and make a difference each time you choose clean nutrition. We plant apple, guava, and papaya saplings in Maharashtra for every order placed so that your PLIX supplements take care of not only your health but also the environment. Thank you for helping restore over many acres of forest land in India and ensuring the well-being of your family's future.

Clean nutrition for cleaner air

We're a green brand in every sense of the word, in that our supplements and long-term goals are both full of plants. Being environmentally conscious and sustainable isn't just an attitude - it's an active choice that we make every single day to do our bit for the planet. With your help and support, we're getting close to our goal of planting 1 Mn trees by 2023!

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Safe & Secure Payment Processing